Money, why do some people seem to have so much and others don’t have enough?  perhaps the question should be.  Why do some people have control over their money and others let money control them?  I can already hear the objections in my head, the litany of excuses about not having enough left after bills living expenses and the limited amount of money available.  Dave Ramsey has written books and hosts a syndicated radio show about getting out of debt.  He has an entire company revolving around the subject.  He likes to suggest obtaining a second job and after you relinquish the debt, saving and investing your money.

I have nothing but respect for him and his vision (he has helped a lot of people escape the trap of debt) though I believe debt is the symptom of a disease called poverty (that’s right I called it a disease) if you have no bigger ambition than to relieve yourself of debt look him up (I brought him up so I gotta give him a plug) that is not what I am about.

Today there is the opportunity to make money from passive income like never before.  Online businesses with relatively low overhead and low startup costs make this possible for anyone who is willing to do the work. Get rich quick translates to giving them your money so they can get rich in most cases. There are instances of overnight success and there are lottery winners the reason I use these examples together is that they both have very low odds of happening.



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